Let me start by telling you the Mexican Town area of Detroit is the whole Southwest area, not just on Bagley street. The area runs from around the Ambassador Bridge and continues on West Vernor all the way to Patton Park with the most amazing Mexican eating spots along with Food Trucks and Carts of Tamales and much more. So get out and explore the entire area as this place is located about 2 miles down from the Clark Park area. Me being raised in SW Detroit I’ve eaten at dozens of great restaurants with this being one of my all time favorite for both food and drinks.

The restaurant interior features a colorful setting of archways, terra cotta walls and murals of Spanish scenes. Mi Pueblo dining specialties include authentic cuisine such as caldo de res, menudo, tamales, Pozole, tostadas and chorizo. All foods made in house and they have a banquet room and a large hall to rent just across the street.

The meals always start with a basket of hot chips and 2 salsa’s along with a huge selection of great cocktails and beer with my favorite Negra Modelo also great Happy Hour prices during the week. I love those old style street Taco’s wrapped in the 2 corn tortillas and topped with Cilantro & onion YUM. The jumbo Botana’s come with many different meat options with Chorizo being my go to choice,, the wife likes the shredded Chicken. My favorite is made only on weekends called Pozole a red type stew loaded with pork chunks and  hominy is truly a meal in a bowl a Mexican celebration style soup made on holidays. I had something new this time called Sope’s which are a corn meal made into a small cup like bowl then topped with refried beans your choice of meat topped with onion, tomatoes and sour cream WOW I’m so hooked on these,eating 2 is like eating 6 taco’s that fill me belly. We’ve never had a bad meal or service is always spot on with a smile and Thank You. So venture into the full Southwest and discover these long time great eating spots that will keep you coming back for much more just like me.ENJOY

Taqueria Mi Pueblo on Urbanspoon


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