Old School Real Deal Strudel for 39 Years
Truly a hidden Gem off the main roads in Allen Park this unique bakery produces the authentic Hungarian Strudel that keeps all coming back for many more. The shop had originated in Delray the Hungarian center of Detroit many decades ago and has continued to attract customers from all over Metro Detroit area for the most amazing flaky rolled dough filled with premium ingredients for that special treat.

A strudel (/ˈstruːdəl/, German: [ˈʃtʁuːdəl]) is a type of layered pastry with a— most often sweet—filling. It originated in Hungary and it is often served with powdered sugar.In Hungary, it is known as rétes, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia as štrudla or savijača, in Slovenia as štrudelj or zavitek, in the Czech Republic as závin or štrúdl, in Poland and Romania as ștrudel, and in Slovakia as štrúdľa or závin.

Real Deal Hungarian Strudels and More

The pride of Hungarian cooks is definitely the Strudel – Rétes Tészta (pronounced “RAY-tesh”). The dough is folded several times, creating several layers, hence the name. Rétes is the “King” of pastries in Central Europe. Hungarian Rétes is similar to the Vienna Strudel, except it is a bit thinner. Rétes is a Hungarian peasant cake and is used to be a part of every celebration feast in the Hungarian lowlands. Today, it is prepared all over Hungary! The true Gem of Hungarian baking found downriver, 39 years turning out the most amazing treats year round.

Best Darn Strudel around. This kids is the REAL thing. They have many varieties to choose from and if you order ahead they can make what you don’t see on a normal walk in basis. Apricot, Walnut, Cherry, Cheese, and a few others. They even made a pumpkin strudel in October. You can also get your Hungarian pastas here as well. Real Hunky stuff!! Always Fresh,,, So get your Strudel on make a trip to this truly amazing old school bakery, I love those cheese filled ones and walnut too,,, get one of each to find your favorite Strudel. Also find them on Facebook. ENJOY

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