Hillbilly Iron Skillet Cornbread & Buttermilk I found it YUM

As a child a favorite late night snack was left over cast iron skillet cornbread chunked into a big glass of Buttermilk and salted to taste,,,for many years I’ve searched for a true southern eating spot around metro Detroit that has this,,, finally a great place called Zenith Lunch has it everyday along with Hillbilly steaks and Spam on the menu along with the most amazing Pineapple Upside Down cake.

$ 5 meals WOW Great Clean Friendly
For over 40 years this spotless clean country style eating spot is the gem of downriver and beyond.The meal prices will double wow you all are under $ 5 except 2 on menu and those are full plate meals with veggie’s, taters,bread and entree. Homemade chicken & dumplings, meatloaf, chicken and many more. The outstanding soups change daily and get this only $ 1.80 for a big bowl, I just don;t know how they do it. Breakfast specials under $3 and house made cakes and pies, Pineapple Upside down cake the best ever.

The menu has Bologna and Spam on it how cool is this along with cast iron skillet cornbread just like grandma used to make and comes with the meal instead of bread or 50 cent per large hot slice. Not the best surprise of all the have buttermilk which I ordered and added that corn bread to eat just as a kid in the 60’s for that late night snack, never have I see this in a eating spot in Michigan WOW SO GOOD ,,,, I will be a regular and you will too, you cant buy a burger at most places for under a 5 bucks let alone a hole dam meal and it’s all super too,

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FOWL BALL’s Get’em Year Round,, They Be GREAT

Amazing Foods Ribs & Chicken Fowl Balls a must try
Off the dam chart great ribs cooked to perfection with a very unique sauce along with Fowl Balls which are chicken chunks coated lightly or battered with a huge selection of sauces. I order the Gold Carolina which is my all time favorite BBQ sauce by Cattleman’s Master Reserve. Also had the double patty melt with waffle fries and really good french onion soup. The super duper burger called the Knock-Out which is 2 grilled cheeses with a half pound burger in the middle Yummy along with great steak fries. A super selection of burgers and wings will get me back many times.

The service was impeccable by Amanda who removed dirty plates, kept drinks filled and brought wipes for the ribs and placed take out boxes on table for leftovers  Now the most amazing thing that’s unheard of she actually brought us a bag for out take out containers. Thousands of dine out even at expensive eating spots have never ever done this,,,so a great big shout out to one of the best in the waitress business Amanda,,,you rock I’m asking for you on our next visit which will be soon. Now with 4 locations in and around Toledo and this place packs them in for the super daily specials on Beer and Food. Check out both the website and Facebook pages for money saving deals iof the day to enjoy a great day of eating and drinking.   ENJOY

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Canadian BBQ Makes Authentic Southern USA Meals

From the hours they spend preparing dinner in anticipation of your arrival, to the way they treat you like family when you get here, you’ll feel the love at Smoke & Spice. They’ve got some of Windsor’s most seasoned servers, and they know how to entertain, not just take orders and carry plates. The pros in the kitchen get there early and stay late every day, loading and unloading that thirteen-hundred-pound-capacity wood burning Southern Pride “pit” barbecues  They almost never stops churning out our specialties, but there’s just no substitute for real, slow, wood-smoked barbeque!
The owners  Ryan and Tina Odette grew up in Windsor, a blue-collar city in southern Ontario, Canada, south of Detroit, where auto manufacturing is the main industry. Ryan lived in New Orleans for a time while learning some deep south cooking. Ryan said, “There is such a history behind BBQ, a unique food, we think it will go over well in Ontario.” “Martin’s has been our favorite place in Nashville we have eaten, and we have eaten a lot since we have been here. The food is fresh and it is a comfortable atmosphere as Patrick visits with the customers.”

Truly unique BBQ with the low and slow smoked meats on an American made cooker that always produces the very best meats. The ribs WOW with that perfect smoke ring along with the juicy pulled pork and Chicken Wings that are also Smoked to a amazing treat that you must try. A few unique dishes are the Pull Pork Poutine and the over loaded Pulled Pork Sundae  will keep you coming for a heavenly taste of the best Canadian BBQ ever


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Greek Trio say What only $9 and the BEST

Surrounding the Detroit area are hundreds of Greek type restaurants along with our famous Greek Town which now has fewer Greek type eating spots over the last decade so my search has been all around the area for the very best Greek Trio,,, so you say what is it.

PASTITSIO  Macaroni Pie, Ground Beef & Tomato Sauce, Simmered with Slight Hint of Cinnamon & Nutmeg
MOUSAKA  Ground Beef, Eggplant & Potato Casserole, Tomato Sauce & Cheese. Topped with a Cream & Grated Cheese Sauce

SPANAKOPITA  Spinach, Feta & Romano Cheese, Filo Pastry

I really can’t help myself when going into a Greek eating without burning one as I call it you know that amazing flaming cheese where you yell Ompa

SAGANAKI  Greek Imported Cheese, Simmered with Lemon & Brandy. Served table side on a flaming iron skillet

Being open just a couple years this place has a large following of Lover’s of their meals and breakfast selection”s  along with great Gyro’s carved off the rotating spit and the fantastic meal deals that come with a large salad or a full bowl of homemade soup that will make a regular out of you for that great family meal. So Detroit’s BEST deal for flavor and cost on the Greek Trio has all beat in Greektown and others I tell you.

Olympic Flame

(734) 284-4535

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Sliders in me Belly Make Me HAPPY,, Harry’s got em

My take on a true Slider is a fresh rolled hamburger ball thrown on a flat top grill that’s loaded with onions and the squashed flat with a spatula  to grill to perfection and placing more onions on top and flipped only once, then topped with a single slice of cheese and insert between 2 steamed buns then topped with pickles, catsup and mustard.

I’ve been getting these for 50 years at a place downriver Detroit area which was Carter’s Hamburger’s until just the last 6 months and now named Harry’s Corned Beef and Ham. They keep the exact same real deal slider’s that’s excited all for many decade’s along with the special deal of buy 4 and get one Free which is a mega platter of sliders for only $ 6, always cooked to perfection and smothered in those grilled onions.

In the way Americans are prone to do, with a mixture of appreciation and contempt, a number of facetious terms were invented to describe White Castle’s cheap and greasy miniature burgers. “Belly buster,” “gut bomb,” and “slider” are all, according to one source, terms invented by enthusiastic patrons to describe White Castle burgers. (Though one source claims “sliders” originated with patrons of the competing White Tower burger chain, where the car hops dressed like nurses, founded in Milwaukee in 1928.) Whatever its origin, White Castle took out a patent on a variant of the term (spelling it “slyder”) in 1983, with the idea of reclaiming what they thought was their invention — but the new spelling never stuck. Meanwhile, the appealing term had become ubiquitous from one end of the country to the other to describe any sort of smallish, greasy burger. But around 2007, it was appropriated to describe quite a different culinary phenomenon. True or not, two more stories about the origin of the term bear mentioning. One is that a barnstorming pilot named Earl Rowland undertook a cross-country flight in 1929, at which he boasted of eating “sliders” at 98 White Castle locations. The second is more plausible: Beginning in the 1940s, sailors in the U.S. Navy began referring to the preformed burgers as “sliders” due to their greasiness, and to the cheeseburgers as “sliders with a lid.”

Detroit has a great variety of Slider eating spots with my favorite being MOTZ since 1929 on the corner of Fort and Green Southwest Detroit’s oldest Burger joint. So get on downriver to Harry’s to get your belly filled with super great sliders and more