Sliders in me Belly Make Me HAPPY,, Harry’s got em

My take on a true Slider is a fresh rolled hamburger ball thrown on a flat top grill that’s loaded with onions and the squashed flat with a spatula  to grill to perfection and placing more onions on top and flipped only once, then topped with a single slice of cheese and insert between 2 steamed buns then topped with pickles, catsup and mustard.

I’ve been getting these for 50 years at a place downriver Detroit area which was Carter’s Hamburger’s until just the last 6 months and now named Harry’s Corned Beef and Ham. They keep the exact same real deal slider’s that’s excited all for many decade’s along with the special deal of buy 4 and get one Free which is a mega platter of sliders for only $ 6, always cooked to perfection and smothered in those grilled onions.

In the way Americans are prone to do, with a mixture of appreciation and contempt, a number of facetious terms were invented to describe White Castle’s cheap and greasy miniature burgers. “Belly buster,” “gut bomb,” and “slider” are all, according to one source, terms invented by enthusiastic patrons to describe White Castle burgers. (Though one source claims “sliders” originated with patrons of the competing White Tower burger chain, where the car hops dressed like nurses, founded in Milwaukee in 1928.) Whatever its origin, White Castle took out a patent on a variant of the term (spelling it “slyder”) in 1983, with the idea of reclaiming what they thought was their invention — but the new spelling never stuck. Meanwhile, the appealing term had become ubiquitous from one end of the country to the other to describe any sort of smallish, greasy burger. But around 2007, it was appropriated to describe quite a different culinary phenomenon. True or not, two more stories about the origin of the term bear mentioning. One is that a barnstorming pilot named Earl Rowland undertook a cross-country flight in 1929, at which he boasted of eating “sliders” at 98 White Castle locations. The second is more plausible: Beginning in the 1940s, sailors in the U.S. Navy began referring to the preformed burgers as “sliders” due to their greasiness, and to the cheeseburgers as “sliders with a lid.”

Detroit has a great variety of Slider eating spots with my favorite being MOTZ since 1929 on the corner of Fort and Green Southwest Detroit’s oldest Burger joint. So get on downriver to Harry’s to get your belly filled with super great sliders and more


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