Canadian BBQ Makes Authentic Southern USA Meals

From the hours they spend preparing dinner in anticipation of your arrival, to the way they treat you like family when you get here, you’ll feel the love at Smoke & Spice. They’ve got some of Windsor’s most seasoned servers, and they know how to entertain, not just take orders and carry plates. The pros in the kitchen get there early and stay late every day, loading and unloading that thirteen-hundred-pound-capacity wood burning Southern Pride “pit” barbecues  They almost never stops churning out our specialties, but there’s just no substitute for real, slow, wood-smoked barbeque!
The owners  Ryan and Tina Odette grew up in Windsor, a blue-collar city in southern Ontario, Canada, south of Detroit, where auto manufacturing is the main industry. Ryan lived in New Orleans for a time while learning some deep south cooking. Ryan said, “There is such a history behind BBQ, a unique food, we think it will go over well in Ontario.” “Martin’s has been our favorite place in Nashville we have eaten, and we have eaten a lot since we have been here. The food is fresh and it is a comfortable atmosphere as Patrick visits with the customers.”

Truly unique BBQ with the low and slow smoked meats on an American made cooker that always produces the very best meats. The ribs WOW with that perfect smoke ring along with the juicy pulled pork and Chicken Wings that are also Smoked to a amazing treat that you must try. A few unique dishes are the Pull Pork Poutine and the over loaded Pulled Pork Sundae  will keep you coming for a heavenly taste of the best Canadian BBQ ever

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