Whoa Mixed Ethnic Foods in SW Detroit’s Barrio Greek,Italian some Soul too

Greek,Italian & Soul Food in de Barrio
What a super combo of great foods that are all cooked to perfection. Let me start by telling you in less than a years this place already has a large following for customers in the hood,downtown and the downriver area have meals deliver and late night pick up until 4am on weekends. Spotless clean dining area and fast friendly service shows the dedication of the owner to provide a quality dining experience.

The Gyro and house made sauce are better than most Greek Town spots, Gyro meat sliced right off the spit is juicy and full of flavor. A 2 Gyro combo deal that are super stuffed is only $ 9.99 and all the 24 oz drinks are 99 cent wow great pricing I say. I also try Amazing marinated Chicken Gyro that was outstanding and the large Gyro platter with a xtra large amount of Gyro meat, rice with the great red sauce and a mega salad only $10 another meal deal.

Also had the Chicken and Waffles the soul food delight that came with a Belgian Buttermilk Waffle dusted with powdered sugar and wing dings. Now tell me where can you get these meal combo’s and deliver to your door step unheard of anywhere. I call this the most unique mixed food delivery restaurant in the whole state. The Saganaki Cheese and Flaming sausage too are over the top good. I’m going back for much more and try much more of the menu and you will too. Stay closer to home try Southwest Detroit most unique ethnic restaurant that’s no Mexican. ENJOY

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Super Italian Cuisine now in WYANDOTTE

OMG Exquisite Italian Meals Downriver YEA

Dinner starts encouragingly with garlicky cannellini bean dip, warm and thick, to scoop with crisp, thin crostini. Everything after just keep getting better I tell you. The trained chef/owner worked for years at a number one Italian eating spot called Bacco as the head chef, he now plates up those same meals for less than half the price. I will state that this place will blow your mind as the very best ever downriver. The reviews around the web off off the chart great, once you visit you’ll know why.
Tortellini alla Emiliana is a plate full of LOVE,,Pasta stuffed Ricotta cheese tossed in a light cream sauce with peas,green onions and Italian Bacon,, Whoa I licked that plate clean. Traditional Lasagna Bolognese is a house made pasta with meat sauce,ricotta and Parmesan cheese.
The soup Chicken Noodle was great and the house salad chopped and filled with lots of Love and topped with a this slices of a aged Parmesan cheese Oh Hell YEA. That fabulous hot fresh from the oven bread,,,bring me more please and yes they will. A spotless clean nicely decorated with fast and friendly service with a smile will get me back many times. The prices are lets say half the price of any other quality Italian eating spot, our 2 lunches with tip only $ 20, most meals for lunch are $ 8 to $9 and dinner $11 to $13.  Give them a try people are driving from 30 plus miles away to try this great place.

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Chicken crossed the road to meet the Waffle YUM

  LOVE my Chicken and Waffles always looking for these on the menu or it’s easy if a spot has Waffles just side order some Chicken Wings. My way of eating maybe diffident than others as everyone has a special way. I pick the meat of the drumette and twist the 2 bones outta the flats and top the waffle which is already loaded with butter and syrup. I then splatter some Franks hot sauce on top to devour.The trick is to fork a chuck of chicken on top of a waffle square for an explosive mouth full of flavor.

My favorite is from Gus and Us ,that truly has the largest bodacious wings ever, the plate is not listed on the menu as I’ve found it’s so easy to just order a waffle and wing dings at many places to satisfy my craving. I really like those soft flaky buttermilk type waffles, many place add a kicker to the plate like bacon and or egg along with other goodies to have mega fun eating a mouthful of blissfully yummy goodness.

The history of this dish dates back a few hundred years and became popular in Harlem at the all night Jazz clubs in New York. A chain called Roscoe’s has a large following on the west coast along with many other smaller chains mainly in the southern states. You can have any type of chicken with your waffle,,,strips,breast along with drumettes are all the very in thing.So now go on down to your local eating place that has waffles and order some chicken to mix togehter for a true bit of classic American food.

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