You say Slider,,I say let’s EAT NOW Motz

As a wee baby boy I had me very first Slider being raised in Southwest Detroit, having tried dozens of other sliders I keep coming back at least once per month to enjoy the very Best ever made. LOVE those Double Cheeseburger Sliders cooked to perfection steamed on a bed of onion then plated up between Browns Buns another classic Southwest Detroit business.

Since 1929 this place has numerous written articles nationwide claiming this place has always had the Sliders that are the true Crave. A must order is the double which I always have a standing order for 3 which they all know once I walk in. The crew a family operation being together for decades are very proud to provide you with fast friendly service. A variety of other burgers to try of which I must get my same order each is I’ve heard also outstanding. Please check out both there Facebook page and website.

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Fancy Pastry Shop since 1934 Delray to Allen Park 3rd Generation Baker
Hungarian Strudel In Hungary, it is known as Retes

The papery thin strudel dough is complemented by a variety of typically Hungarian fillings:
The Hungarians fill the papery thin strudel dough with; tart green apples, tiny black poppy seeds, crunchy walnuts, bright red cherries, ride pudding, sweet noodles, cabbage or farmers cottage or curd cheese dotted with plump raisins and whatever cake or bread crumbs are on hand. The number of different strudel fillings now-a-days, is almost limitless and includes both sweet and savoury fare. The savoury varieties are especially popular among eastern Europeans 

This Amazing small shop has been around since 1934 when is was born in Delray and moved to Allen Park in 1982. Alex is the 3rd generation baker making his grandmother’s famous recipes serving customers from all over our metro area and shipping to other states.
Famous Hungarian Bakery from Delray 

You can get wonderful Hungarian sweets @ Fancy Pastry Shop in Allen Park. It is owned by the Grandson of the original owner. (was located in Delray and moved to Allen Park) Light and fluffy treats are the norm at this suburban pastry-lover’s delight.

If it’s pastry then it can be found here. The delicious sweet treats inside the shop are a light and fluffy pastry-lovers delight. The display cases at Fancy Pastry Shop beckon patrons to try one of dozens of goodies and freshly baked desserts. Perfectly textured tarts, turnovers and danish in a wide variety of flavors have made this establishment a classic among pastry lovers.

Alex the owner greets all with a treat of there Famous Bishops Bread which he ships nationwide as the lost art of baking this centuries old delicacy is very hard to find. Since 1934 there recipe’s from Hungry haven’t changed. The strudel, Hungarian Kifli and cakes are all made with LOVE that can be tasted in every bite. Stop by try the many unique old time bakery goods that our grandparents ate and you’ll be a regular like me. Make sure to check there website out.

With the holiday season upon us many special Hungarian treats with be made that many will crave at there feast. Alex will be working hard making everyone happy, you see he bakes everything yes a one man show with some help from family when it really gets busy. Stop by try some and order a platter of goodies for all to enjoy at your festival.   ENJOY
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