The Maximus I Challenge YOU,,, I’ll Buy da BEER

As most Michiganders know of Tony’s Birch Run iI want to send you to I-75 and West road for your belly full of food or should I say the Biggest Omelet you’ll ever try to eat with the key word here is TRY as many have done and failed.  So who will be the first they only opened 4 months with many trying to conquer the Maximus and sadly no one has survive the onslaught of Eggs, Meats,Veggies,Cheese and Taters to date.

The massive breakfast plate will put you down and out I tell you with mine being filled with my choices of Ham,Bacon,Sausage,Mushrooms,Onions,Green Pepper,Cheddar and Mozzarella Cheese. You can customize to your liking and you get that mega plate of hash browns and double toast too. Oh yea they have many other great meal deals along with Saganaki Opa which makes this a must try for a family dining try.

 Oh yea if you eat it all in a hour it’s FREE and I’ll buy the BEER, story has it one guy tried and left about less than a quarter of the meal,,, they say maybe if he didn’t drink 4 big soda’s he could of made it. Note we always get ours to share,,,will feed a family of 4 no problems.  ENJOY

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Pupusa,Platanos Tamales and some YUCA too

Salvadoran national dish is a thick, handmade corn tortilla stuffed with cheese or more. A handmade tortilla is night-and-day different from the thin floppy kind from the factory. You can barely find a handmade tortilla anymore. There’s much more than pupusas on the menu, of course, for Central Americans seeking a taste of home or for Mexicans or gringos who want to branch out. My favorite is the Queso Cheese with Jalapeno’s off the chart great. You eat da Pupusa by topping with the Curtido a spicy slaw mix then splash with the red sauce then fold together pick up up and eat,,whoa what a messy goodness.

The white corn (elote) tamal is quite different: sweet and served with le crema, imported from El Salvador. Not to be missed are fried plantains, a dish made in heaven. It consists of seven warm, fat, sweet perfectly browned plantains, served in the traditional manner with a pool of warm puréed black beans and another pool of cooler crema. These dishes are offered with refried beans and cheese for a unique combo of indulgence which was enjoyed by all,,,a  must try for something very different to add to your palate.

  By far this place is one of the most unique eatings spots around the Detroit area which is centrally located on Livernois just south of I-94 or North of I-75 exits. The place sets back a bit from the street at the corner of John Kronk with a very large parking lot it’s easy in and out. The media has had many super articles about the amazing meals to fill your belly. The fast friendly spotless clean restaurant will make for a fabulous adventure in your new foodie adventure, you be a regular like me taking family and friends to enjoy a true South American treat.   ENJOY

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