Middle Eastern Food Bliss WOW

Let me start by telling you this place is # 16 on Urbanspoon’s top 100 eating spots in the Detroit area and I now know why is just absolute amazing the atmosphere, the servers and the foods WOW. You sit down with hot puffy bread along with hummus and garlic dip being brought to your table in a flash. Must tell you the garlic dip the very best I’ve ever eaten which I found the secret was they add jalapeno juice to the mix OMG it’s like a Mexican style hummus. The combo meal filled with meats and rice are very filling and good.

The Kafta is a mega meal with 4 large logs of that succulent Lamb along with the super smooth Lentil soup. A major hit with me was a special dish I’ve only read about Kafta mini balls in tomato sauce sauteed onions,mushrooms and garlic has me so hooked on this place. This open kitchen with a giant over that they make those super pita breads in sits right out front.

They always have a coupon in the News Herald for savings so get on down to the very best Middle Eastern eating spot downriver. Special shout out to Maggie she was great and brought boxes and get this a bag too only 2nd time this year a special server has done this,what a great touch. Must try Deboned Chicken,Lamb Kafta and Malek’s Kafta

Meatball Sauteed with mushroom, onions and fresh tomato the very best appetizer around town. Do you ever miss the days of La Shish then look no more. The original owners of this restaurant were cooks there and when they sold it to the new owners they passed their recipes down to them.BY far the very best Middle Eastern meals around downriver. ENJOY 

Malek Al Kabob

Location: 22371 Goddard Rd 


Phone: (313) 203-2067
Reservations: YES

Malek Al Kabob on Urbanspoon

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