Pumping Out HIGH Butterfat, Milk,Ice Cream and Cottage Cheese

So do you want the very Best Cow produced products found in Michigan a place that raises it’s very own herd of Cows nurturing and feeding them grains from farms nearby and Never adding hormones for all of us to Enjoy REAL old time Dairy products since 1946 founded by William Calder fresh from serving our country during WW11. You bet I support a veteran and you should too.

The farm is located in Carleton which ships the fresh milk from the cows to Lincoln Park for processing. A neat fact is the have in use today the original Bottling Line Equipment,,how cool is that sure just don’t make thing like they used too. The Ice Cream Parlor has been a destination for 68 years serving 3 generations for that Amazing high Butterfat Ice Cream that other companies refer to as Super Premium since the fat content averages 14 percent,,,Whoa now you know why it’s so good.

The most unique flavors are all handcrafted and filled a carton at a time down on the farm,,they always have new flavors rotating to keep those thousands of customers happy, we love to visit and set in the back under the giant shade tree with tables and benches there’s plenty of room to bring your group down on a hot summer day for that special flavor ice cream your craving. Just go up front to the retail store for a half gallon of the one you love along with some real Milk in glass bottles,Butter, Cottage Cheese and much much more.

Be sure to visit the farm for a tour and daily milking.
Calders Bros. Dairy. A family run operation since started in 1946 serving the best of milk, butter and ice cream products. They raise a special herd Holstein, Brown Swiss and Jersey cows to give you the highest butterfat and protein levels in any products made right here in Michigan. The farm and country store is located in Carleton which offers farm tours and daily feeding for all to enjoy. The classic ice cream is served year round along with the store open 7 days a week 7am to 10pm. The chocolate milk and butter is the creamiest in Michigan and the seasonal eggnog just came in which is a must try for your holiday guests to try. I know I’ve tried some of those other dairy farms and I truly think Calders is a classic and the best Michigan has to offer, hey it’s close to I-75 and I-94 just a short hop off on Southfield, you really don’t have a good excuse not to try the best. 

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  1. I think not too long ago, if you consider the 1960's as NOT too long ago, Calder's used to just BOTTLE the milk they got from somewhere else. At least, the tanker truck that pumped milk into the place when my old friend DAVE AUCHY used to work there DIDN'T say “CALDER'S” on the side of it. But then I've been known to be wrong….a LOT!

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