Smoking Hot Flaming PuPu Platter on a Spinning Wooden Platter MONEY

Unique dining for lunch today a super designed PuPu Platter that was a wooden tray that spins and a Live FIRE inside a cast iron pot with a mini griddle on top,,,now this is too cool. I’ve had PuPu platters at 6 other spots and this one blows them away. Loaded with Rib,Jumbo Shrimp,Egg Rolls,Balamaki and Crab Rangoon,,,Hell Yea I’m going back soon for some more fun with fire. Also had the very Best Hot n Sour Soup a mega Bowl for only 4 bucks.

The very best flavorful Hot n Sour soup I’ve ever had also found that to be true from others on review sites around the web.Simply Amazing for 37 Years,,, great Food,, Low Prices Fast Friendly Service a must try YUM   HAWAIIAN ISLAND

A older clean large dining room with these unique ceiling hung lamps that makes all feel welcome. Met the owners super friendly folks that seem to know all who enter. I’d say this truly is a hidden downriver Gem that’s worth a visit,,,you just know they be doing something right lasting 37 years,,,find them on Facebook and they have a new website,

After emigrating from China in the 1980s, Li and Ching worked in a restaurant kitchen for nearly a decade before deciding to run their own small business. In 1993, they bought Hawaiian Island Restaurant, a small establishment located in a strip mall in Trenton, MI
Choosing to maintain tradition, they have made only a few (yet significant) changes to the classic Chinese-American meals on the menu, and the interior still has that 1980s nostalgic look to it.

Hawaiian Island on Urbanspoon


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