Super Saturday Themed Dinners Enjoyable Meals

Eclectic Great Menu, Beers and Bourbons
A great amazing eating spot in downtown Wyandotte is a must try plating up unique super foods along with a super list OF craft beers on tap and bottled. With the explosion of the craft beer movement over the last few years this place has added to a must try for those many super beers and bourbon. The chef who had decades of fine food experience just transplanted here from Arizona, he showcases some of the most unique menu items around the city.

Our first trip with many more to follow we tried 3 of the low priced lunch menu items the $5 Cuban sandwich with Broccoli soup, the $ 6 special Honey Pecan coated Chicken salad and me favorite the $ 7 mega flavorful Burger on Ciabatta bread topped with Garlic Basil Mayo,,really have to say the very best Burger Downriver and another must try I tell you.

A most beautiful new decorated seating area with a large outdoor patio out front that this area will sure to be proud to have. Fast friendly service with a smile and a visit from the chef, along with 3 lunch specials for $20,,,, which to me is gourmet foods at half the price elsewhere. Wonderful house made Bourbon BBQ chips and get this Purple Sweet Tater Deep Fried Fries so really good.

Had the pleasure to attend on a Saturday when they plated up a super Cajun style dinner that had the best foods I’ve had since a visit to New Orleans. The meal was all cooked to perfection with those jumbo Shrimp spiced along with fresh Okra over rice and a scrumptious cake for dessert. The place was packed with many happy diners the service was impeccable along with the owner stopping by to say hello to diners at every table. Our 6th trip to this hot new eating spot in Wyandotte we’ll be back many more times,,, give them a try and seen there Facebook page for daily specials.

Now let’s talk BEEF  the best deal around town on Prime Rib we’ve had it 3 times now always cooked to our liking smothered in Au Jus with a side of Fricase a cream of horseradish and mayo along with potatoes and a salad for only $ 12 make this the steal deal of all downriver. At least once per month on the weekend they this deal that’s make for a enjoyable evening exploring downtown Wyandotte. We’ve always had great service and meals I really don’t know what the others on review sites are to complain about. The owners a husband and wife team have brought this unique eating spot to us,,, so get on down give them a try. The owner is a Beer Brewer like me and has a super rotating draft selection of Michigan Craft Beers for my enjoyment.

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You Hate Name Pu Pu Platter You LOVE da FOOD

I believe the name is Hawai’ian-Chinese in origin. In the Hawai’ian language, it’s a Puu-puu platter where the two consecutive vowels are distinctly pronounced. So Puu-Puu would be pronounced POO-oo POO-oo, like a mumu dress is actually a muu-muu (MOO-oo MOO-oo). It’s been shortened to “pu pu” on many Chinese menus. This also makes me wonder if it originated during or after WWII with all the GI’s going through Hawai’i.
When I was a wee lad I would giggle when we’d go to a Chinese restaurant and the adults would order the pu pu platter (“They serve poo-poo here?” Kid humor!). I think they’re a very American-Chinese offering and a precursor to the current trend of an appetizer sampler platter found in most restaurants these days. 

We have 2 great places downriver to get our PuPu on Zukins in Lincoln Park and Lucky Dragon in Wyandotte. They both are very good that comes with Jumbo Breaded Shrimp, Spring Roll, Ribs, Chicken Wings and Rib Kebabs at Zukins or Chicken on a stick at Lucky Dragon. The name is really funny to those who hear for the first time and most say YUK. Well let me tell you this Polynesian Treat is a must try that has been around for over 70 years  found first in the Hawaiian Islands and the craving brought home by our troops from WW2

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FOWL BALL’s Get’em Year Round,, They Be GREAT

Amazing Foods Ribs & Chicken Fowl Balls a must try
Off the dam chart great ribs cooked to perfection with a very unique sauce along with Fowl Balls which are chicken chunks coated lightly or battered with a huge selection of sauces. I order the Gold Carolina which is my all time favorite BBQ sauce by Cattleman’s Master Reserve. Also had the double patty melt with waffle fries and really good french onion soup. The super duper burger called the Knock-Out which is 2 grilled cheeses with a half pound burger in the middle Yummy along with great steak fries. A super selection of burgers and wings will get me back many times.

The service was impeccable by Amanda who removed dirty plates, kept drinks filled and brought wipes for the ribs and placed take out boxes on table for leftovers  Now the most amazing thing that’s unheard of she actually brought us a bag for out take out containers. Thousands of dine out even at expensive eating spots have never ever done this,,,so a great big shout out to one of the best in the waitress business Amanda,,,you rock I’m asking for you on our next visit which will be soon. Now with 4 locations in and around Toledo and this place packs them in for the super daily specials on Beer and Food. Check out both the website and Facebook pages for money saving deals iof the day to enjoy a great day of eating and drinking.   ENJOY

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Canadian BBQ Makes Authentic Southern USA Meals

From the hours they spend preparing dinner in anticipation of your arrival, to the way they treat you like family when you get here, you’ll feel the love at Smoke & Spice. They’ve got some of Windsor’s most seasoned servers, and they know how to entertain, not just take orders and carry plates. The pros in the kitchen get there early and stay late every day, loading and unloading that thirteen-hundred-pound-capacity wood burning Southern Pride “pit” barbecues  They almost never stops churning out our specialties, but there’s just no substitute for real, slow, wood-smoked barbeque!
The owners  Ryan and Tina Odette grew up in Windsor, a blue-collar city in southern Ontario, Canada, south of Detroit, where auto manufacturing is the main industry. Ryan lived in New Orleans for a time while learning some deep south cooking. Ryan said, “There is such a history behind BBQ, a unique food, we think it will go over well in Ontario.” “Martin’s has been our favorite place in Nashville we have eaten, and we have eaten a lot since we have been here. The food is fresh and it is a comfortable atmosphere as Patrick visits with the customers.”

Truly unique BBQ with the low and slow smoked meats on an American made cooker that always produces the very best meats. The ribs WOW with that perfect smoke ring along with the juicy pulled pork and Chicken Wings that are also Smoked to a amazing treat that you must try. A few unique dishes are the Pull Pork Poutine and the over loaded Pulled Pork Sundae  will keep you coming for a heavenly taste of the best Canadian BBQ ever

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