Pig on Stick RIB Kabob in Da PuPu Platter ZUKIN’S Love

I believe the name is Hawai’ian-Chinese in origin. In the Hawai’ian language, it’s a Puu-puu platter where the two consecutive vowels are distinctly pronounced. So Puu-Puu would be pronounced POO-oo POO-oo, like a mumu dress is actually a muu-muu (MOO-oo MOO-oo). It’s been shortened to “pu pu” on many Chinese menus. This also makes me wonder if it originated during or after WWII with all the GI’s going through Hawai’i.
When I was a wee lad I would giggle when we’d go to a Chinese restaurant and the adults would order the pu pu platter (“They serve poo-poo here?” Kid humor!). I think they’re a very American-Chinese offering and a precursor to the current trend of an appetizer sampler platter found in most restaurants these days. 

We have 3 great places downriver to get our PuPu on Zukins in Lincoln Park, Lucky Dragon in Wyandotte n Hawaii Island in Trenton. They both are very good that comes with Jumbo Breaded Shrimp, Spring Roll, Ribs, Chicken Wings and Rib Kebabs at Zukins or Chicken on a stick at Lucky Dragon. The name is really funny to those who hear for the first time and most say YUK. Well let me tell you this Polynesian Treat is a must try that has been around for over 70 years  found first in the Hawaiian Islands and the craving brought home by our troops from WW2

You gonna Love or hate the Rib’s they been making for 42 years now cooked to perfection n fall off the bone tender n succulent, many complain they want smoke flavor well that wont happen here sorry. There method is tried n true craved by thousands of decades long customers which we so Love in out house. Rib Kabob’s make for a super unique treat, yes Pig on a Stick which be chunks of tender Pork battered n deep fried to perfection n slathered with that Open Pit dressed up secret sauce they sell by the gallon that really works on these special treats. Folks drive from dozen of miles away to fill da belly with delight as you will not find these anywhere else, so what you been waiting for.

A must try is the Friday Fish special on the cheap they sell hundreds of the best meal deal downriver for those Fish Lover’s out there, Many selections of Perch, Cod n Catfish along with a Bucket of Rib Kabob’s N a Slab O Ribs with keep your whole house craving much more. Be sure to check out the website n call your order in,,,,    http://zukinsribshack.com/
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Smoking Hot Flaming PuPu Platter on a Spinning Wooden Platter MONEY

Unique dining for lunch today a super designed PuPu Platter that was a wooden tray that spins and a Live FIRE inside a cast iron pot with a mini griddle on top,,,now this is too cool. I’ve had PuPu platters at 6 other spots and this one blows them away. Loaded with Rib,Jumbo Shrimp,Egg Rolls,Balamaki and Crab Rangoon,,,Hell Yea I’m going back soon for some more fun with fire. Also had the very Best Hot n Sour Soup a mega Bowl for only 4 bucks.

The very best flavorful Hot n Sour soup I’ve ever had also found that to be true from others on review sites around the web.Simply Amazing for 37 Years,,, great Food,, Low Prices Fast Friendly Service a must try YUM   HAWAIIAN ISLAND

A older clean large dining room with these unique ceiling hung lamps that makes all feel welcome. Met the owners super friendly folks that seem to know all who enter. I’d say this truly is a hidden downriver Gem that’s worth a visit,,,you just know they be doing something right lasting 37 years,,,find them on Facebook and they have a new website,

After emigrating from China in the 1980s, Li and Ching worked in a restaurant kitchen for nearly a decade before deciding to run their own small business. In 1993, they bought Hawaiian Island Restaurant, a small establishment located in a strip mall in Trenton, MI
Choosing to maintain tradition, they have made only a few (yet significant) changes to the classic Chinese-American meals on the menu, and the interior still has that 1980s nostalgic look to it.

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Addictive Eclectic Ribeye with Poblano Pepper La Crema Sauce,,MONEY

As a major Foodie being raised in SW Detroit and a regular visitor to my old stomping grounds to support the hard working family owned eateries, I have to say this has to be the Very Best New eating spot for decades in all of Mexican Town. Little known the area is kinda split between the Clark Park area and Springwells Village section which is just a couple exits away at Springwells off I-75  only 10 minutes from the heart of downtown Detroit. The area most missed by the suburbian’s which think Mexican Town is only on Bagley have been missing dozens of unique non tourist trap real deal Mexican eating spots,,,that guess what the Mexican’s in the Barrio eat at.  Ah Ha  so now you know the real deal.
In reality many of the long time decades old Mexican Town eateries are only plating up Gringo style meals that why you only see the folks from the suburbs visiting thinking this is the finest offered,,,NOT you must venture out folks to explore all of what Southwest Detroit has to offer. Please continue reading for a interesting Foodie venture you must try soon.
A executive Chef Luis Garza who spent years working for Andiamo’s now brings gourmet Steaks along with unique Mexican crafted meals to the area. For now we’ll call it a hidden gem that you must try for those looking for a fine dining experience not found in other parts of SW Detroit.
We had the most amazing meal and service Thanks Ana our waitress and the table side made Guacamole in the Stone ground dish. After reading the reviews just had to try the Rib eye smothered with Poblano Pepper La Crema Sauce,,, believe me a Steak like no other that warmed our belly also the Mole Gallina which I know as Chicken Mole where the sauce is the boss and Yes the very best I’ve had around town as most use it from a jar,,,this is house made with that special Chocolate only found in Mexico.
A large selection of Steaks,Seafood and Mexican specialties can be found on the menu that are many of the elaborate dishes we’ll be trying soon,,next will be the Aged Sirloin with Guajillo,Ancho and Chipotle Butter Cream Sauce along with the traditional Stuffed Poblano Peppers I’m so enlightened by.
Also we tried a couple old school Tacos,,,Chorizo and Asada both off the chart great, I notice a few different Fish Taco’s I’ll try next time for a super treat I’m sure. A very nice pleasant clean eating area with get this white table cloths,,yep I made one hell of a mess Ha Ha. This place is # 2 on Urbanspoon for the most talked about eating spots out of 1100 restaurants,,,so now what does that tell you. Stop by say Hello to Chef Luis,,brother Hemero and MaMa Maria for a most delightful dining experience. Oh Yea please LIKE them on Facebook too. ENJOY

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Palacsinta,Turos Teszta,Steak Budapest,Chicken Paprikash

Traditional Hungarian Goulash is served in a Caldron with a lit fire under the pot.  A ladle is dipped into the steaming pot to your bowl that’s loaded with meat,veggies and Paprikash Spatzle.  The American and Italian styles are made with Macaroni noodles, this dish is the true old school style you must try.

The amazing authentic Hungarian meals start with a great salad and bread basket. They just celebrated 20 years pleasing families form all over our metro area. A small bar for drinks and a large banquet room is very popular for many events held every year.  The most beautiful decorations and a Doll room make for a homely feeling for all to enjoy a super family meal.

We celebrated my daughters birthday meal with Steak Budapest a perfectly broiled Sirloin topped with Bacon,Onion,Green pepper and bathed in Mushroom Sauce. Turos Teszta whoa what a dish Hungarian house made wide noodles with cottage cheese and Bacon a new dish for me which I be sure to order again.

Traditional combo plate has Chicken Paprikash,Stuffed Cabbage and WOW that Breaded Pork Chop, I’ll tell you to get this combo on your first visit that shows the Love put into cooking this family provides to all. The highlight of the night was a child time favorite of mine called Palacsinta one with cheese and one with Apricot these unique crepe is a must try on your visit. So many other dishes to try will make us regular customers of the Hungarian Rhapsody, check out there website and Facebook page for specials. ENJOY


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Mai and Mai Da Sista’s Got Your THAI Vylai

Oh Mai and Mai you teach me Thai food which I’ve learned to Love since you now me close to home. How can you not like sisters and mama in the kitchen plating up traditional Thai dishes.

Oh My Super New THAI eat up place YUM
I’ve eaten at a dozen plus good Thai places around the metro Detroit area and will say this new place only open a few weeks will set this town on fire with the great meal,appetizers and service. We started with one of everything on that appetizer menu to our delight all were outstanding and priced right. Chicken Satay,Cream Cheese Crab Wontons and those amazing deep fried Crispy Rolls WOW. so good.

Also tried the Tom Kha Gai soup Yummy along with an amazing dish Pineapple Kow Pa loaded with succulent chicken and veggie’s. Oh Yea started with the refreshing Thai Iced Tea which had the most amazing flavor. A prime spot in downtown Allen Park along with an very nice interior makes this a instant hit for many years to come.I highly recommend this new eating spot for all to enjoy as our family did today. ENJOY

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Whoa Mixed Ethnic Foods in SW Detroit’s Barrio Greek,Italian some Soul too

Greek,Italian & Soul Food in de Barrio
What a super combo of great foods that are all cooked to perfection. Let me start by telling you in less than a years this place already has a large following for customers in the hood,downtown and the downriver area have meals deliver and late night pick up until 4am on weekends. Spotless clean dining area and fast friendly service shows the dedication of the owner to provide a quality dining experience.

The Gyro and house made sauce are better than most Greek Town spots, Gyro meat sliced right off the spit is juicy and full of flavor. A 2 Gyro combo deal that are super stuffed is only $ 9.99 and all the 24 oz drinks are 99 cent wow great pricing I say. I also try Amazing marinated Chicken Gyro that was outstanding and the large Gyro platter with a xtra large amount of Gyro meat, rice with the great red sauce and a mega salad only $10 another meal deal.

Also had the Chicken and Waffles the soul food delight that came with a Belgian Buttermilk Waffle dusted with powdered sugar and wing dings. Now tell me where can you get these meal combo’s and deliver to your door step unheard of anywhere. I call this the most unique mixed food delivery restaurant in the whole state. The Saganaki Cheese and Flaming sausage too are over the top good. I’m going back for much more and try much more of the menu and you will too. Stay closer to home try Southwest Detroit most unique ethnic restaurant that’s no Mexican. ENJOY

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Chicken crossed the road to meet the Waffle YUM

  LOVE my Chicken and Waffles always looking for these on the menu or it’s easy if a spot has Waffles just side order some Chicken Wings. My way of eating maybe diffident than others as everyone has a special way. I pick the meat of the drumette and twist the 2 bones outta the flats and top the waffle which is already loaded with butter and syrup. I then splatter some Franks hot sauce on top to devour.The trick is to fork a chuck of chicken on top of a waffle square for an explosive mouth full of flavor.

My favorite is from Gus and Us ,that truly has the largest bodacious wings ever, the plate is not listed on the menu as I’ve found it’s so easy to just order a waffle and wing dings at many places to satisfy my craving. I really like those soft flaky buttermilk type waffles, many place add a kicker to the plate like bacon and or egg along with other goodies to have mega fun eating a mouthful of blissfully yummy goodness.

The history of this dish dates back a few hundred years and became popular in Harlem at the all night Jazz clubs in New York. A chain called Roscoe’s has a large following on the west coast along with many other smaller chains mainly in the southern states. You can have any type of chicken with your waffle,,,strips,breast along with drumettes are all the very in thing.So now go on down to your local eating place that has waffles and order some chicken to mix togehter for a true bit of classic American food.

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Hungarian Comfort Food, Chicken Paprikash the Eldorado YUM

 chicken paprikash (paprikás csirke in Hungarian), Hungary’s famous dish of braised chicken and dumplings. Chicken Paprikash is a classic Hungarian comfort food dish. Me being born and raised in Southwest Detroit and Delray that was home to thousands of Hungarian families that worked hard and ate great meals being plated up in restaurants and friends homes has made me crave this great dish once per month. I get my fix at a place that’s been around 57 years whose mother came from Hungry to Delray many decade ago that opened this classic dining spot in Wyandotte which continued to expand over the years.

Now run by the son and Grandson they carry on the super recipes past down to them along with Polish meals and Succulent steaks. Always fast friendly service with a full bar that has really good drink prices. A classy place for your special day or there Famous all you can eat Fish Fry on Friday for only $ 8.95 or the 1 pound steak for $12 and my favorite the Chicken Paprikash meal has made me a lifelong customer as many others. Go ahead give them a try you know theres a reason they’ve been there so long. They also have a Facebook site to enjoy and receive meal deals.

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FOWL BALL’s Get’em Year Round,, They Be GREAT

Amazing Foods Ribs & Chicken Fowl Balls a must try
Off the dam chart great ribs cooked to perfection with a very unique sauce along with Fowl Balls which are chicken chunks coated lightly or battered with a huge selection of sauces. I order the Gold Carolina which is my all time favorite BBQ sauce by Cattleman’s Master Reserve. Also had the double patty melt with waffle fries and really good french onion soup. The super duper burger called the Knock-Out which is 2 grilled cheeses with a half pound burger in the middle Yummy along with great steak fries. A super selection of burgers and wings will get me back many times.

The service was impeccable by Amanda who removed dirty plates, kept drinks filled and brought wipes for the ribs and placed take out boxes on table for leftovers  Now the most amazing thing that’s unheard of she actually brought us a bag for out take out containers. Thousands of dine out even at expensive eating spots have never ever done this,,,so a great big shout out to one of the best in the waitress business Amanda,,,you rock I’m asking for you on our next visit which will be soon. Now with 4 locations in and around Toledo and this place packs them in for the super daily specials on Beer and Food. Check out both the website and Facebook pages for money saving deals iof the day to enjoy a great day of eating and drinking.   ENJOY

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