Moo Shu, Thai Taco, Curry Dishes & Bubble Tea YIPPEE

Hottest New eating spot in Lincoln Park called YumYum Express Chinese/Thai has the town talkin bout super flavorful meals. I always hear from folks the Thai food is too hot,,,not true the many dishes I’ve tried have been ask how spicy you like,,, I’m be a medium heat level and you can get all with no spice or mild is barley noticed. The family run operation is headed up by Amy and others that have just arrived from mainland China now how much more original meals can you get anywhere. The photo’s above the succulent pork egg-rolls and the Thai Spicy Chicken Wrap which I call Thai Taco’s truly the most unique Thai food I ever had which is marinated Chicken then sauteed with Basil, Red Onion & Pineapple that comes with large lettuce leaves to load up,,,,OH My these are so addicting I tell you and a must try.

Not let’s talk Moo Shu new to me which means pancake with the original being made of rice and now a very thin tortilla that is filled with a mixture of fresh chopped veggies and your choice of meat I tried both the traditional Moo Shu Pork and Chicken again another must try you can roll them like a burrito it comes with this yummy ginger garlic sauce.

Hey me learn about Curry Dishes too they have 5 of them all very different in flavor and you get your choice of meat, I really love the Green and House Curry plates with the house being loaded with mega seafood Lobster, Jumbo Shrimp, Scallops & Mussels a true feast for all you seafood lovers.

Along with all the traditional Chinese meals like General Tao’s and Sweet Sour Chicken along with Egg Foo Young patties ABC is Almond Boneless Chicken they have get this 1 back for soft drinks and tea along with the unique Bubble Tea’s which are more we love the Mango Bubble Tea

They very best Hot n Sour Soup I’ve ever had which I get every-time along with super Spring Rolls and Shrimp Dumplings in the photo above. Really family friendly lunch price that average $ 5.50 for all this healthy food. Find them on Facebook give them a LIKE and pay a visit soon.

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Smoking Hot Flaming PuPu Platter on a Spinning Wooden Platter MONEY

Unique dining for lunch today a super designed PuPu Platter that was a wooden tray that spins and a Live FIRE inside a cast iron pot with a mini griddle on top,,,now this is too cool. I’ve had PuPu platters at 6 other spots and this one blows them away. Loaded with Rib,Jumbo Shrimp,Egg Rolls,Balamaki and Crab Rangoon,,,Hell Yea I’m going back soon for some more fun with fire. Also had the very Best Hot n Sour Soup a mega Bowl for only 4 bucks.

The very best flavorful Hot n Sour soup I’ve ever had also found that to be true from others on review sites around the web.Simply Amazing for 37 Years,,, great Food,, Low Prices Fast Friendly Service a must try YUM   HAWAIIAN ISLAND

A older clean large dining room with these unique ceiling hung lamps that makes all feel welcome. Met the owners super friendly folks that seem to know all who enter. I’d say this truly is a hidden downriver Gem that’s worth a visit,,,you just know they be doing something right lasting 37 years,,,find them on Facebook and they have a new website,

After emigrating from China in the 1980s, Li and Ching worked in a restaurant kitchen for nearly a decade before deciding to run their own small business. In 1993, they bought Hawaiian Island Restaurant, a small establishment located in a strip mall in Trenton, MI
Choosing to maintain tradition, they have made only a few (yet significant) changes to the classic Chinese-American meals on the menu, and the interior still has that 1980s nostalgic look to it.

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ABC= Almond Boneless Chicken The Very Best EVER

Lum’s Chop Suey

Dearborn Heights, Michigan

Very YUM at LUM’s Super Great Chinese Meals

For 38 years John Lum’s has warmed the bellies of many around town. A very large amount of LIKE votes on Urbanspoon, so I just had to give them a try. So really happy to say folks we have a true winner here. It was hard from the reviews I read on many site to figure out if they had a eating area,,, yes a older lovely dining area with a dozen plus tables and booth’s to enjoy the mega plates of food.

A super shout out to our waitress Stephanie a cutie that provided fast friendly service that made us feel right at home.

We started with this quart bowls of soup, the chicken noodle and my Favorite Hot & Sour was some of the best ever and very cheap price along with everything was priced just right and mega portions sure to feed many more per plate of food. The ABC Almond Boneless Chicken was amazing chicken is thick cut and breaded lightly to enjoy the full flavor also came with the fabulous brown gravy and egg rolls.

I tried the Crab Rangoon that I dipped in house made squeezed pepper hot sauce just marvelous.

Overall this has to be in my top 3 of all time value and flavor for a Chinese meal that I’ll be back many time to try more of the menu. I noticed they have a large amount of takeout orders from the thousands of regulars customers acquired over the years. You must give this place a try I tell you, nothing fancy just super great food with real deal pricing. ENJOY

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You Hate Name Pu Pu Platter You LOVE da FOOD

I believe the name is Hawai’ian-Chinese in origin. In the Hawai’ian language, it’s a Puu-puu platter where the two consecutive vowels are distinctly pronounced. So Puu-Puu would be pronounced POO-oo POO-oo, like a mumu dress is actually a muu-muu (MOO-oo MOO-oo). It’s been shortened to “pu pu” on many Chinese menus. This also makes me wonder if it originated during or after WWII with all the GI’s going through Hawai’i.
When I was a wee lad I would giggle when we’d go to a Chinese restaurant and the adults would order the pu pu platter (“They serve poo-poo here?” Kid humor!). I think they’re a very American-Chinese offering and a precursor to the current trend of an appetizer sampler platter found in most restaurants these days. 

We have 2 great places downriver to get our PuPu on Zukins in Lincoln Park and Lucky Dragon in Wyandotte. They both are very good that comes with Jumbo Breaded Shrimp, Spring Roll, Ribs, Chicken Wings and Rib Kebabs at Zukins or Chicken on a stick at Lucky Dragon. The name is really funny to those who hear for the first time and most say YUK. Well let me tell you this Polynesian Treat is a must try that has been around for over 70 years  found first in the Hawaiian Islands and the craving brought home by our troops from WW2

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