Cat Head Biscuits with Sawmill Gravy Emagenes Southern Tradition

Food lore traces this countrified dish back to Appalachian logging camps—the reason for the term sawmill gravy. 

Cat Head Biscuits with Sawmill Gravy a centuries old dish made by my grandparents in the coal mining towns around WV & KY,this dish be a stick to your ribs to provide a filling breakfast to start the work day along with extra made to be eaten with dinner. I so loved these a child as many restaurant’s make a version, the only place I’ve found our the area is Emagenes for over half a century pinching that dough and dropping on a baking tray,,, the reference that they big as a Cat’s Head comes from the south. The gravy creamy white in color with sausage, fat dripping’s and pepper stirs together in a cast iron skillet are made daily just as in the southern homes.

We get that mega #1 Breakfast twice per month as a takeout loaded with eggs, potatoes,sausage,bacon and a stack of thick sliced ham, along with a full order of Biscuits and Gravy all this only $ 6.95 enough to feed 2 hungry adults. I always compare them to Tony’s in Birch Run as having the biggest best breakfast without the long drive. I first found them in the 80’s as one of the few places that have Grits another southern favorite of many. Yes there was a real Emagene who opened the place which was also famous for those homemade pies,,, 15 years ago Phyllis the current has changed little,,,just no more pies. A truly dated place to dine in think 1970 decor that’s spotless clean that some would call a dive. The other must try goodies are the Ham and Bean soup, Stacked Ham Sandwich and the many daily special’s. A very unique dish the Biscuits and Gravy with get this, Chorizo the Mexican sausage mixed in,,,, Whoa off the chart great.

This old southern style of Biscuits and Gravy is not for everyone,, some will not like these and other true folks from the south will say Oh YEA that’s what I remember as a kid,, so give them a try great burgers,coney dogs and omelets make for a must try,, see super reviews from around the web,, they have no website or Facebook page or advertize since word of mouth has them a thousand plus regular customers from 50 years plating up the most amazing breakfast I say downriver and beyond.
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The Maximus I Challenge YOU,,, I’ll Buy da BEER

As most Michiganders know of Tony’s Birch Run iI want to send you to I-75 and West road for your belly full of food or should I say the Biggest Omelet you’ll ever try to eat with the key word here is TRY as many have done and failed.  So who will be the first they only opened 4 months with many trying to conquer the Maximus and sadly no one has survive the onslaught of Eggs, Meats,Veggies,Cheese and Taters to date.

The massive breakfast plate will put you down and out I tell you with mine being filled with my choices of Ham,Bacon,Sausage,Mushrooms,Onions,Green Pepper,Cheddar and Mozzarella Cheese. You can customize to your liking and you get that mega plate of hash browns and double toast too. Oh yea they have many other great meal deals along with Saganaki Opa which makes this a must try for a family dining try.

 Oh yea if you eat it all in a hour it’s FREE and I’ll buy the BEER, story has it one guy tried and left about less than a quarter of the meal,,, they say maybe if he didn’t drink 4 big soda’s he could of made it. Note we always get ours to share,,,will feed a family of 4 no problems.  ENJOY

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