Pig on Stick RIB Kabob in Da PuPu Platter ZUKIN’S Love

I believe the name is Hawai’ian-Chinese in origin. In the Hawai’ian language, it’s a Puu-puu platter where the two consecutive vowels are distinctly pronounced. So Puu-Puu would be pronounced POO-oo POO-oo, like a mumu dress is actually a muu-muu (MOO-oo MOO-oo). It’s been shortened to “pu pu” on many Chinese menus. This also makes me wonder if it originated during or after WWII with all the GI’s going through Hawai’i.
When I was a wee lad I would giggle when we’d go to a Chinese restaurant and the adults would order the pu pu platter (“They serve poo-poo here?” Kid humor!). I think they’re a very American-Chinese offering and a precursor to the current trend of an appetizer sampler platter found in most restaurants these days. 

We have 3 great places downriver to get our PuPu on Zukins in Lincoln Park, Lucky Dragon in Wyandotte n Hawaii Island in Trenton. They both are very good that comes with Jumbo Breaded Shrimp, Spring Roll, Ribs, Chicken Wings and Rib Kebabs at Zukins or Chicken on a stick at Lucky Dragon. The name is really funny to those who hear for the first time and most say YUK. Well let me tell you this Polynesian Treat is a must try that has been around for over 70 years  found first in the Hawaiian Islands and the craving brought home by our troops from WW2

You gonna Love or hate the Rib’s they been making for 42 years now cooked to perfection n fall off the bone tender n succulent, many complain they want smoke flavor well that wont happen here sorry. There method is tried n true craved by thousands of decades long customers which we so Love in out house. Rib Kabob’s make for a super unique treat, yes Pig on a Stick which be chunks of tender Pork battered n deep fried to perfection n slathered with that Open Pit dressed up secret sauce they sell by the gallon that really works on these special treats. Folks drive from dozen of miles away to fill da belly with delight as you will not find these anywhere else, so what you been waiting for.

A must try is the Friday Fish special on the cheap they sell hundreds of the best meal deal downriver for those Fish Lover’s out there, Many selections of Perch, Cod n Catfish along with a Bucket of Rib Kabob’s N a Slab O Ribs with keep your whole house craving much more. Be sure to check out the website n call your order in,,,,    http://zukinsribshack.com/
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Hungarian Comfort Food, Chicken Paprikash the Eldorado YUM

 chicken paprikash (paprikás csirke in Hungarian), Hungary’s famous dish of braised chicken and dumplings. Chicken Paprikash is a classic Hungarian comfort food dish. Me being born and raised in Southwest Detroit and Delray that was home to thousands of Hungarian families that worked hard and ate great meals being plated up in restaurants and friends homes has made me crave this great dish once per month. I get my fix at a place that’s been around 57 years whose mother came from Hungry to Delray many decade ago that opened this classic dining spot in Wyandotte which continued to expand over the years.

Now run by the son and Grandson they carry on the super recipes past down to them along with Polish meals and Succulent steaks. Always fast friendly service with a full bar that has really good drink prices. A classy place for your special day or there Famous all you can eat Fish Fry on Friday for only $ 8.95 or the 1 pound steak for $12 and my favorite the Chicken Paprikash meal has made me a lifelong customer as many others. Go ahead give them a try you know theres a reason they’ve been there so long. They also have a Facebook site to enjoy and receive meal deals.

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