I Love Fire, Saganaki Burger,Cheese & Sausage

This eating spot is on Fire literally they burn 3 amazing dishes,,, Cheese,Sausage along with the Saganski Burger which is one of the best burgers I’ve eaten. Moist juicy flavor topped with cheese then brandy is poured on the be lit on Fire. Bubbly hot steaming hot smoke running up the nostrils whoa it’s great. The grilled bun along with toppings are brought out on another plate for your construction of the perfect burger.

Let’s talk salad, folks they have a whole page of 2 dozens art fully designed choices at this place, above you see the mega Cobb Salad enough for a few to share.

The Gyro Spit which can be seen in the kitchen provides succulent Gyro Meat which I love to get the platter that comes with veggies and either Rice or Fries.

Little Daddy’s opened its first location in Southfield, Michigan in 1997. The primary fare was Coney Islands, Gyros Sandwiches and Tommy Salads. In 1999 two more locations were added: Taylor and Royal Oak (which was later moved down the street to Bloomfield). Due to the popularity of the restaurants, expanding customer base, and requests by loyal patrons, it was apparent that a broader menu was needed. The menu now boasts more than 200 items in a variety of categories!

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Whoa Mixed Ethnic Foods in SW Detroit’s Barrio Greek,Italian some Soul too

Greek,Italian & Soul Food in de Barrio
What a super combo of great foods that are all cooked to perfection. Let me start by telling you in less than a years this place already has a large following for customers in the hood,downtown and the downriver area have meals deliver and late night pick up until 4am on weekends. Spotless clean dining area and fast friendly service shows the dedication of the owner to provide a quality dining experience.

The Gyro and house made sauce are better than most Greek Town spots, Gyro meat sliced right off the spit is juicy and full of flavor. A 2 Gyro combo deal that are super stuffed is only $ 9.99 and all the 24 oz drinks are 99 cent wow great pricing I say. I also try Amazing marinated Chicken Gyro that was outstanding and the large Gyro platter with a xtra large amount of Gyro meat, rice with the great red sauce and a mega salad only $10 another meal deal.

Also had the Chicken and Waffles the soul food delight that came with a Belgian Buttermilk Waffle dusted with powdered sugar and wing dings. Now tell me where can you get these meal combo’s and deliver to your door step unheard of anywhere. I call this the most unique mixed food delivery restaurant in the whole state. The Saganaki Cheese and Flaming sausage too are over the top good. I’m going back for much more and try much more of the menu and you will too. Stay closer to home try Southwest Detroit most unique ethnic restaurant that’s no Mexican. ENJOY

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Greek Trio say What only $9 and the BEST

Surrounding the Detroit area are hundreds of Greek type restaurants along with our famous Greek Town which now has fewer Greek type eating spots over the last decade so my search has been all around the area for the very best Greek Trio,,, so you say what is it.

PASTITSIO  Macaroni Pie, Ground Beef & Tomato Sauce, Simmered with Slight Hint of Cinnamon & Nutmeg
MOUSAKA  Ground Beef, Eggplant & Potato Casserole, Tomato Sauce & Cheese. Topped with a Cream & Grated Cheese Sauce

SPANAKOPITA  Spinach, Feta & Romano Cheese, Filo Pastry

I really can’t help myself when going into a Greek eating without burning one as I call it you know that amazing flaming cheese where you yell Ompa

SAGANAKI  Greek Imported Cheese, Simmered with Lemon & Brandy. Served table side on a flaming iron skillet

Being open just a couple years this place has a large following of Lover’s of their meals and breakfast selection”s  along with great Gyro’s carved off the rotating spit and the fantastic meal deals that come with a large salad or a full bowl of homemade soup that will make a regular out of you for that great family meal. So Detroit’s BEST deal for flavor and cost on the Greek Trio has all beat in Greektown and others I tell you.

Olympic Flame

(734) 284-4535

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