Ramen Rookie I Be Pho,Miso,Shoyu,Shio n Red Curry BACON Rice

As a Rookie Ramen eater I be getting a lesson in Japanese meals a big bowl of explosive flavorful broth, veggie n noodle with many more add on’s. Instant  Ramen  was invented  1958 and came to  America in 1971 yes I’ve eating thousands of packs and bowls  not really  having the pleasure of the real deal until now. In Tokyo alone had over 4000 Ramen shops with many unique regional styles I’m proud to have DETROIT Style Ramen.

The hottest dish talked about be the Bacon Rice yep Pork Belly n goodies on top of white rice it works well as a side dish you truly must try. Tried 3 big bowls to date with the Red Curry as the hit that  has be addicted to the  most  crafted broth ever eaten,,,a whole lotta Love goes into brewing this concoction I assure you.
Ramen – Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup that consists of wheat noodles served with pork of other types of meat. The broth is usually tonkotsu (pork bone broth), miso (soy bean) or soy sauce.  Ramen is of Chinese origin and it is unclear when ramen was introduced to Japan. The noodle soup is always served with various toppings from seaweed, corn, boiled egg, garlic and many others.

Finally made the trip for quality bursting with flavor dishes n bowls made with Detroit Love, I truly can see why so busy, easy in fast service this evening, Super Service by Victoria Martin , had the delightful Red Curry WOWED beyond expectations with a explosion of spices. One Japanese Beer very good along the the already Famous Bacon Rice Bowl a unique dish not to be missed. THANKS Jaques n Les for your creative genius on this place, , be back soon to work me way into more menu goodies. — at Johnny Noodle King.

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Pho the New Sensation has Hit Lincoln Park,,Hop Sheing Noodle House

Noodle shops in Vietnam are something like hamburger joints in the United States – only more common and generally open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.The specialty is Pho — noodle soup — and the vast majority of people in that southeast Asian country eat Pho every day and most any time of the day. Pho is listed at number 28 on “World’s 50 most delicious foods” compiled by CNN a super enriched flavor filled bowl of rice noodle in broth with your added choice of veggies, today was my very first of many PHO I’ll be trying at this new eating spot. They specialize in the worlds finest Noodles for me to try with the Udon being on my list for next visit.

A super concept they want to be know as the best Noodle House around which makes this a unique focus for a downriver restaurant. I’ll have many new learning experiences at this place since my meal and appetizers were all amazing in presentation and flavor.Love me some really great Pho and so will you,,, a super family run operation that has beatified the old Fergie’s Fish in to a amazing great eating place,,, all the meal and side has a truly garden fresh flavor,,, we really liked the the spring rolls, soup and the chicken dish over a bed of scrumptious noodles.

You get a menu and a order sheet to pick your items from, each person fills out one with a little help from out super waitress Katie trained us well. Had the mega bowl of PHO with chicken and all the veggies along with succulent Crab Rangoon, spring rolls and fried dumpling. The almond chicken over a bed of super noodles that were just a perfect first eat up.Really cool the owner walks around to greet and answer questions about the dishes making sure everyone on is happy as we were. I really have never been able to use those Chop Sticks even with directions on the package,,,hurry you bring me fork and spoon I be so hungry.

Next time I get me a 6 pack of those super Spring Rolls to go,,, they be really good I tell you. Oh yea I learned how to say Pho,,,no not POO it’s Fah and I really enjoyed it.

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Palacsinta,Turos Teszta,Steak Budapest,Chicken Paprikash

Traditional Hungarian Goulash is served in a Caldron with a lit fire under the pot.  A ladle is dipped into the steaming pot to your bowl that’s loaded with meat,veggies and Paprikash Spatzle.  The American and Italian styles are made with Macaroni noodles, this dish is the true old school style you must try.

The amazing authentic Hungarian meals start with a great salad and bread basket. They just celebrated 20 years pleasing families form all over our metro area. A small bar for drinks and a large banquet room is very popular for many events held every year.  The most beautiful decorations and a Doll room make for a homely feeling for all to enjoy a super family meal.

We celebrated my daughters birthday meal with Steak Budapest a perfectly broiled Sirloin topped with Bacon,Onion,Green pepper and bathed in Mushroom Sauce. Turos Teszta whoa what a dish Hungarian house made wide noodles with cottage cheese and Bacon a new dish for me which I be sure to order again.

Traditional combo plate has Chicken Paprikash,Stuffed Cabbage and WOW that Breaded Pork Chop, I’ll tell you to get this combo on your first visit that shows the Love put into cooking this family provides to all. The highlight of the night was a child time favorite of mine called Palacsinta one with cheese and one with Apricot these unique crepe is a must try on your visit. So many other dishes to try will make us regular customers of the Hungarian Rhapsody, check out there website and Facebook page for specials. ENJOY


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