Vince’s Ristorante Italiano since 1960 Hand Crafted Pasta n Pizza
Italian food as close to homemade as you can get when dining out in Detroit
Paintings of Rome and Venice, and the owner’s hometown of Frosinone, brighten the cheery dining room. With a menu of oh-so-familiar pastas, veal, and chicken dishes from the Italian-American repertoire,The food is unrivaled outside of Italy! The Chicken Marsala is to die for! The pasta is fresh and perfect every time, as is the pizza. Family friendly and warm, friendly, genuine people!

Since a small child my whole family has only eaten Vince’s pizza along with many pasta items, along with a thing called pizza bread beef burger the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten.My favorite Italian restaurant of all time. What is Italian cooking, I say meals prepared with a whole lot of love, where can you get a mother and daughter team creating the most perfect dishes with homemade pastas and sauces. I say bring any in our nations Italian chefs who only supervise a kitchen and the try the magnificent foods at Vince’s. They started in there house just behind the current building and expanded in the 50 years of this true homemade foods place. I’d like to get chef Aldo from that chain to throw-down with Maria on who makes the best pasta and sauces,, she’s hands on everyday. Forget about any negative reviews these people haven’t eaten there for 40 years like me. This family continues to commit to the freshest homemade foods by a mother and daughter team that can not be found in this world today for 50 years, so spend a couple hours and meet them, they don’t hide in the kitchen. They welcome you to be apart of there family and yes it takes a little time to prepared the homemade food when not a chain restaurant.

 No wonder Mohammed Ali, Sinatra and Donald Sutherland sought it out! It’s one of Detroit’s FINEST “semi-secrets”…for over 50 years with the same family!Maria, Lydia, Frank and the staff provide excellent food and service with a smile. treasured memories over many years. The food hails from Sicily (Spicy and robust) and is the best money can by locally. Well worth the visit with safe and secure parking around back. We have never been disappointed. Reservations recommended on the weekends at night

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Frank’s Old School 3 Generations Eating Downriver’s BEST PIZZA

Since 1952 doing it old school folks,,,no fancy fast ovens or canned topping,,,they be keeping it fresh cut goodies sliced and diced in house unlike those canned goods thrown on your pie at those fast food pizza chains who then run it into a super fast oven. Nope not here it’s the same way they made’m 62 years ago and you know what that takes time,,,, so many cry baby reviews that want that fast food pizza just need not visit. Plan on 45 minutes to an hour because the place is always busy. As a regular you learn quick,,grab a waitress order your pizza now and then have her come back to see you for drinks and side dishes,,,hey it works I tell you.

This from a another visit many years ago, I just had to visit this place since the reviews are off the chart good for the pizza and really want to see for myself how long was the wait for the pizza and how bad can the service be. Well let me tell you I ordered my pizza first and ask the great friendly waitress to put that order in and come right back to see me,,,well it worked pizza hot and yummy the deluxe special in 40 minutes, while we finished the soup and large anti pasta salad which was great. At 5 pm on a Thursday the place was filled with no seats left, you know that says something really interesting about a eating spot.

This pizza is a must try as one of the very best I’ve ever eaten and the pricing is affordable along with the really good service we received, I be a constant customer of there’s for a long time. Franks has the best crispy thin crust pizza Downriver bar none, and they use the small spicy pepperoni that curls up, it’s hard to find that anywhere. The pizza is greasy but this is simply a product of using natural meats and cheeses, not that crap the chain pizza places use. If you like old school pizza with all natural ingredients, you want Franks. They are light on the pizza sauce which suits my tastes, and the sauce has a very natural flavor and is not overpowering.

They just started opening at NOON on Fri,Sat and Sunday how cool is that we visited last weekend at 1 pm only 2 tables by the time we left almost full. The have a new amazing nice outside eating area on the side which fills up fast. Be sure to LIKE them on Facebook and pay a visit soon, folks come from all over metro Detroit to enjoy a truly Classic made Pizza Pie,,,some folks will just never get it,,,,you know Old School PIZZA,,,, so how’s about you.

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