West Texas BBQ Company

SW Michigan Dining

  • 2190 Brooklyn Road
  • Jackson, MI 49203
  • (517) 784-0510
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I always talk about restaurants on “my list” that I just can never find time to make it to.  For many years now, there has been a BBQ place in Jackson with really odd hours that I’ve just never been able to make work….until now.

Five years ago, Mlive.com did their Michigan’s Best BBQ Tour.  I had been to a couple of the places that had made the Top Ten but not the #1 place.  It’s a place I had heard of prior to Mlive’s tour but the hours always made it difficult to get there.  That was the case for the next five years.

West Texas BBQ Company is on Brooklyn Road south of East South Street just south of the City of Jackson in Summit Township.  The building is an old sign shop that was converted for…

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A Remembrance

The Wine Raconteur

I very seldom stray from the fond memories of wine, but bear with me, as I am today. “Woulda, coulda, shoulda” is an expression that I heard bandied about in my youth and now as I am older and can reflect, the expression is much more meaningful and poignant. To my readers that follow my writings they know that I have a group of characters that I have given nom de plumes and I do this, to maintain their sense of anonymity. My old music teacher from my Junior High School passed away and he really touched a lot more lives than one can imagine. I saw references to some historic films like “Goodbye Mr. Chips” and “Mr. Holland’s Opus” and I can understand why those films were selected. I grew up in a middle-class area of Detroit and back then the city was still more “white” and segregated. I…

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Super Italian Cuisine now in WYANDOTTE

OMG Exquisite Italian Meals Downriver YEA

Dinner starts encouragingly with garlicky cannellini bean dip, warm and thick, to scoop with crisp, thin crostini. Everything after just keep getting better I tell you. The trained chef/owner worked for years at a number one Italian eating spot called Bacco as the head chef, he now plates up those same meals for less than half the price. I will state that this place will blow your mind as the very best ever downriver. The reviews around the web off off the chart great, once you visit you’ll know why.
Tortellini alla Emiliana is a plate full of LOVE,,Pasta stuffed Ricotta cheese tossed in a light cream sauce with peas,green onions and Italian Bacon,, Whoa I licked that plate clean. Traditional Lasagna Bolognese is a house made pasta with meat sauce,ricotta and Parmesan cheese.
The soup Chicken Noodle was great and the house salad chopped and filled with lots of Love and topped with a this slices of a aged Parmesan cheese Oh Hell YEA. That fabulous hot fresh from the oven bread,,,bring me more please and yes they will. A spotless clean nicely decorated with fast and friendly service with a smile will get me back many times. The prices are lets say half the price of any other quality Italian eating spot, our 2 lunches with tip only $ 20, most meals for lunch are $ 8 to $9 and dinner $11 to $13.  Give them a try people are driving from 30 plus miles away to try this great place.

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Old School Real Deal Strudel for 39 Years
Truly a hidden Gem off the main roads in Allen Park this unique bakery produces the authentic Hungarian Strudel that keeps all coming back for many more. The shop had originated in Delray the Hungarian center of Detroit many decades ago and has continued to attract customers from all over Metro Detroit area for the most amazing flaky rolled dough filled with premium ingredients for that special treat.

A strudel (/ˈstruːdəl/, German: [ˈʃtʁuːdəl]) is a type of layered pastry with a— most often sweet—filling. It originated in Hungary and it is often served with powdered sugar.In Hungary, it is known as rétes, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia as štrudla or savijača, in Slovenia as štrudelj or zavitek, in the Czech Republic as závin or štrúdl, in Poland and Romania as ștrudel, and in Slovakia as štrúdľa or závin.

Real Deal Hungarian Strudels and More

The pride of Hungarian cooks is definitely the Strudel – Rétes Tészta (pronounced “RAY-tesh”). The dough is folded several times, creating several layers, hence the name. Rétes is the “King” of pastries in Central Europe. Hungarian Rétes is similar to the Vienna Strudel, except it is a bit thinner. Rétes is a Hungarian peasant cake and is used to be a part of every celebration feast in the Hungarian lowlands. Today, it is prepared all over Hungary! The true Gem of Hungarian baking found downriver, 39 years turning out the most amazing treats year round.

Best Darn Strudel around. This kids is the REAL thing. They have many varieties to choose from and if you order ahead they can make what you don’t see on a normal walk in basis. Apricot, Walnut, Cherry, Cheese, and a few others. They even made a pumpkin strudel in October. You can also get your Hungarian pastas here as well. Real Hunky stuff!! Always Fresh,,, So get your Strudel on make a trip to this truly amazing old school bakery, I love those cheese filled ones and walnut too,,, get one of each to find your favorite Strudel. Also find them on Facebook. ENJOY

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Let me start by telling you the Mexican Town area of Detroit is the whole Southwest area, not just on Bagley street. The area runs from around the Ambassador Bridge and continues on West Vernor all the way to Patton Park with the most amazing Mexican eating spots along with Food Trucks and Carts of Tamales and much more. So get out and explore the entire area as this place is located about 2 miles down from the Clark Park area. Me being raised in SW Detroit I’ve eaten at dozens of great restaurants with this being one of my all time favorite for both food and drinks.

The restaurant interior features a colorful setting of archways, terra cotta walls and murals of Spanish scenes. Mi Pueblo dining specialties include authentic cuisine such as caldo de res, menudo, tamales, Pozole, tostadas and chorizo. All foods made in house and they have a banquet room and a large hall to rent just across the street.

The meals always start with a basket of hot chips and 2 salsa’s along with a huge selection of great cocktails and beer with my favorite Negra Modelo also great Happy Hour prices during the week. I love those old style street Taco’s wrapped in the 2 corn tortillas and topped with Cilantro & onion YUM. The jumbo Botana’s come with many different meat options with Chorizo being my go to choice,, the wife likes the shredded Chicken. My favorite is made only on weekends called Pozole a red type stew loaded with pork chunks and  hominy is truly a meal in a bowl a Mexican celebration style soup made on holidays. I had something new this time called Sope’s which are a corn meal made into a small cup like bowl then topped with refried beans your choice of meat topped with onion, tomatoes and sour cream WOW I’m so hooked on these,eating 2 is like eating 6 taco’s that fill me belly. We’ve never had a bad meal or service is always spot on with a smile and Thank You. So venture into the full Southwest and discover these long time great eating spots that will keep you coming back for much more just like me.ENJOY

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Mega Beer Selection,, Great Pub Meals & Fun


Favorite Dearborn Eating Place

Really fun spot with a large selection of beers and very good food. Pool tables in front windows to rent by the hour and very friendly service. A must try when visiting Dearborn for a good value and fun. The giant Tv’s tuned to all the great sport events and music video’s along with a comfy lounge area for private parties make this a most unique spot in Dearborn.

One of the state’s largest selection of draft and bottles beer is a true craft beer drinkers dream place along with the ALL STAR club that get you really nice discounts on beers and foods along with my favorite the FREE birthday meal which I had today a perfect cooked sirloin topped with melted Blue Cheese whoa it was good and perfectly paired by my choice of Founder’s Dirty Bastard a must try I tell you this beer steak combo is the best I ever had.

Always fast friendly service with a smile will keep me coming back for more as I have for the last 5 plus years. We also tried the Pretzel Bread turkey club and Cobb salad with Blackened Chicken Breast slices that had super flavor along with a low lunch price point. Great location with many games foosball,darts,checker,ping pong and many pool tables makes for a fun filled lunch or dinner. Check out their website and Facebook sites for daily specials along with new beers.

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