FOWL BALL’s Get’em Year Round,, They Be GREAT

Amazing Foods Ribs & Chicken Fowl Balls a must try
Off the dam chart great ribs cooked to perfection with a very unique sauce along with Fowl Balls which are chicken chunks coated lightly or battered with a huge selection of sauces. I order the Gold Carolina which is my all time favorite BBQ sauce by Cattleman’s Master Reserve. Also had the double patty melt with waffle fries and really good french onion soup. The super duper burger called the Knock-Out which is 2 grilled cheeses with a half pound burger in the middle Yummy along with great steak fries. A super selection of burgers and wings will get me back many times.

The service was impeccable by Amanda who removed dirty plates, kept drinks filled and brought wipes for the ribs and placed take out boxes on table for leftovers  Now the most amazing thing that’s unheard of she actually brought us a bag for out take out containers. Thousands of dine out even at expensive eating spots have never ever done this,,,so a great big shout out to one of the best in the waitress business Amanda,,,you rock I’m asking for you on our next visit which will be soon. Now with 4 locations in and around Toledo and this place packs them in for the super daily specials on Beer and Food. Check out both the website and Facebook pages for money saving deals iof the day to enjoy a great day of eating and drinking.   ENJOY

Sidelines Sports Eatery and Pub on Urbanspoon

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