Pho the New Sensation has Hit Lincoln Park,,Hop Sheing Noodle House

Noodle shops in Vietnam are something like hamburger joints in the United States – only more common and generally open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.The specialty is Pho — noodle soup — and the vast majority of people in that southeast Asian country eat Pho every day and most any time of the day. Pho is listed at number 28 on “World’s 50 most delicious foods” compiled by CNN a super enriched flavor filled bowl of rice noodle in broth with your added choice of veggies, today was my very first of many PHO I’ll be trying at this new eating spot. They specialize in the worlds finest Noodles for me to try with the Udon being on my list for next visit.

A super concept they want to be know as the best Noodle House around which makes this a unique focus for a downriver restaurant. I’ll have many new learning experiences at this place since my meal and appetizers were all amazing in presentation and flavor.Love me some really great Pho and so will you,,, a super family run operation that has beatified the old Fergie’s Fish in to a amazing great eating place,,, all the meal and side has a truly garden fresh flavor,,, we really liked the the spring rolls, soup and the chicken dish over a bed of scrumptious noodles.

You get a menu and a order sheet to pick your items from, each person fills out one with a little help from out super waitress Katie trained us well. Had the mega bowl of PHO with chicken and all the veggies along with succulent Crab Rangoon, spring rolls and fried dumpling. The almond chicken over a bed of super noodles that were just a perfect first eat up.Really cool the owner walks around to greet and answer questions about the dishes making sure everyone on is happy as we were. I really have never been able to use those Chop Sticks even with directions on the package,,,hurry you bring me fork and spoon I be so hungry.

Next time I get me a 6 pack of those super Spring Rolls to go,,, they be really good I tell you. Oh yea I learned how to say Pho,,,no not POO it’s Fah and I really enjoyed it.

Hop Sheing Noodle House on Urbanspoon


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